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                  Boom! Tor was awaken by this noise, and hopped out of his makeshift bed of leaves and twigs. He rushed out of the temperary shelter of the cave into the stormy, windy night. Boom! There it was again. It was coming from the left, no, the right. Boom! It was closer this time.
                     Tor checked his pocket, and pulled out a gold glowing necklace. This necklace only glowed when there was a shen gong wu nearby in use. In fact it was a shen gong wu, called the presence pendant. It is the only shen gong wu
he was able to retrieve after months of fighting. Boom! This was it, the sound was
coming from 100 yards away. Whatever was coming, he wasn't sure if he could
defeat. He was weak, but was okay at dodging. Before he could react, a laser crashed into the side of the mountain, sending rocks tumbling at him. Tor made a dive and just avoided one of the rocks, but others were falling quickly! He took cover in the cave, just as the boulders covered the enterance and the surrounding area. "Close one," Tor muttered under his breath. But just one thing kept coming to his mind as he tried to push his way out. He was trapped in the cave, with no way out, and no air.

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