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ST story
XS story

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                  Boom! The entire ship started shaking. Fire was everywhere. "Status
report!" the commander asked one of his helmsmen. "All decks have reported
casualties, plus decks 5-16, 23-29, 34, 36, 46, 59, and 75 are damaged. Warp drive is offline, shields are inoperative, weapons are down. Life support on minimum, long range, short range, external, and internal scanners are gone. "Any signs of the enemy ship?" Asked the commander immediately. "No," the same helmsmen reported. The helmsmen was Patricia Lee, who used to be one of the most high ranking officers in the United Alliance of Freedom. She had given up her position to work on the UAF Zeron, which was named after her home planet. "I want everyone to focus their attention to the reactors, once they are online move on to the propulsion systems then scanners. Leutiannt Montaz, your in charge of the damage control," Commander Trey barked. Officer Maria Montaz was the head of engineering, she deserved the job. Everyone on board the humongus starship had been saved by her more than once. "If you need me, I'll be in the ready room," the commander said solemnly before entering a door to the right. As Lt. Lee tried to work on repairs around the bridge, all she could think about were all the people that had died that day. "I have some bad news for you admiral," Commander William Trey said over a subspace communication signal. "Like what?" the admiral replied. The admiral had been used to this kind of information, but he would steel himself to try to not to reveal emotion. The commander took a long breath, then he started to explain. "A blokarian war vessel, class 9, had
apparently been hiding within the Grastyor Nebula. Our sensors didn't reveal it until we were almost on top of it. After a long attack, we won because they had a warp core breach. We have lost all major systems, so we require assitance before other ships come to investigate the Blokarian ship we obliterated. " The commander tried to explain more, but he couldn't. How was he supposed to explain that the captain and half of the senior crew were dead? "I see... What is the casualty report Commander?" the admiral asked, as if he didn't care that the captain had died. "7,042 people out of 10,000 sir." Trey couldn't help but blame himself for the deaths. If he would have just done what Montaz recommended, they might not be in this situation now. "I'm sorry commander, but the other starships are on other missions. Ships are tight, we can't afford to have others do
useless tasks. You are the captain now, the rest of the ship is your responsibility. I expect the ship back to starbase 757. Best of luck Captain." The transmission had ended and Captain Trey was left to sulk over the loses. But not for long, because the familiar sound of a beeping noise filled his ears. It was his communication badge, which was level with his heart but in the left side of his was shaped like a sun and was bronze colored. It shined brightly in the dim room because of all of the polishing he had done to it.The new captain habitually said, "Go ahead," and Lt. Montaz's voice filled the room. "Sir, reactor one is working at full effiency. Reactor 2 is online, but working at half power," she stated. "Good job, but hurry up and work on propulsion systems. It seems like we're all on our own here." Trey commanded. "But sir, isn't the UAF sending help? We're operating with less than half crewmen, hull integrity is 32%, and
with no shields the weakest ship could destroy us!" Mrs. Montaz boldly stated. "That's enough Lt. Montaz. More will be explained at the staff meeting at 0700. Let me know of any progress made then." said Mr. Trey. "Aye Aye sir!" and with that, the room once again fell silent.
                    Oh great.... Another school day full of wearisome work was all
Brandon could think about. He was stuck in second period class. SCIENCE
CLASS! The most dreaded class ever for seventh grade! It's not like science is the worst subject or anything, it's just the crazy teacher that teaches it. Brandon
didn't list n the entire time, but he heard the words time, to, go. He put them all together and noticed everyone else was standing up so he casually picked up his book bag and exited the humid room full of smelly fish tanks. As he walked into the crowded hallway and started on the long walk to his locker, he saw his two friends Jake and Cassie trying to push their way through the hall. He chuckled as he saw the small African American girl trying to sqeeze through two eighth graders. Brandon followed them through the hallway and arrived at his drab blue locker sooner than he expected. Cassie's locker was to the right of his. Jake's locker was to the left of his. "You know what I would rather be doing than going to school?" Brandon asked. "Um watching a few shows of Star Trek?" Jake commented with a derisive tone of voice as he started putting in his locker combo. "Ha, ha," Brandon replied. "Well what is it you'd rather do?" Cassie wondered. As she pulled books out of her locker and put them into her bag. "I'd rath-" as Brandon tried to finish his sentence the bells rang to let them know to head to their classes. In unison, all of them closed their lockers and headed to their next class, each of them forgetting about the conversation they just had.

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