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Xiaolin Monks:
Mantis Flip Coin - Allows the person in possession of it to do jumps and flips similar to a mantis.
Two Ton Tunic - Turns into two tons once its name is called out. The tunic deflects anything that hits it.
Third Arm Sash - A third arm that is worn around clothing. It extends out with a far reach useful for catching or grabbing different things.
Fist of Tebigong - A metal fist that packs a punch. Also, it can shake things up quite a bit.
Golden Tiger Claws - Transports anyone anywhere they want to go.
Falcon's Eye - An eye that allows the user to see through solid objects; it also allows you to have telescopic vision and to see in the dark.
Serpent's Tail - This Shen Gong Wu can move people through solid objects.
Orb of Tornami - Its small mouth holds back a mighty flood.
Star Hinabi - It is used as a weapon similar to a shuriken, which can also emit a powerful energy; it also has a light source ability.
Tongue of Saiping – It allows you to talk to animals.
Silver Manta Ray - It has the ability to grow big, forming into a jet-like vehicle; it also turns into a submarine for underwater travel. It also has a small storage compartment.
Emperor Scorpion - Whoever possesses it will have control over all Shen Gong Wu.
Gills of Hamachi - A collar that turns the wearer fish-like, which gives them the ability to breathe and talk underwater.
Black Beetle - It coats its owner in a heat resistant black body armor, like a beetle’s shell; it also turns into a heat resistant boat.

Panda Bubba:
Sun Chi Lantern – It allows the user to unite his/her chi energy with anyone that is illuminated by the lantern’s glow.
Heart of Jong - It brings any inanimate object to life.
Reversing Mirror - A mirror that reverses the effects of another Shen-Gong-Wu. It can also deflect anything thrown at it.
Tunnel Armadillo - When activated, it turns into a large vehicle that has the ability to dig underground.
Monarch Wings - The sister Shen Gong Wu of the Mosaic Scale. It has unimaginable power when it is combined with the Scale.
Lunar Locket - Whoever possesses it can control the phases of the moon.
Woozy Shooter - It emits a purple haze that confuses people and makes them act goofy.
Hidoku Mouse - Whoever possesses this Shen Gong Wu can use it to any undo mistakes.

Sword of the Storm - It creates a mighty and disastrous storm, but you cannot hit anything physically with it.
Longi Kite - With it, one can sail through the air.
Wushu Helmet - The helmet deflects anything that hits it.
Sands of Time - It not only allows one to travel through time, but to alter time as well.
Eagle Scope - The sister Shen Gong Wu of the Fountain of Hui. When combined, the two can be used to unlock the greatest secrets of the universe. Alone, it can also be used like a telescope; It also allows you to change the point of view of others.
Sweet Baby Among Us - A statue of a golden baby. When activated, it turns into a gigantic gold baby that traps its opponent in diapers.
Shard of Lightning - It gives the user the power to travel at the speed of light, but only for short flashes of time.
Black Hole Bag - It looks like a bag made out of the Shroud of shadows.
It can hold an infinite amount of stuff inside. Activate by saying "Black Hole Bag"
Say it again to deactive. Call for a certain item to remove it from the bag.

Chase and Wuya:
Changing Chopsticks - This Shen Gong Wu transforms the person who has it to the size of a grain of rice, but if you use it more than 24 hours you stay small forever; It can also change the person or object you are pointing the Changing Chopsticks too small as well.
Shroud of Shadows - A shroud that can turn the person who has it on invisible.
Ring of the Nine Dragons - Once you put on the ring, you can multiply yourself up to nine times. There's a disadvantage, though. Your maturity, potential, brains, and all that are separated as well.
Crystal Glasses - Allows the wearer to see into the future.
Thorn of Thunderbolt - It shoots out a huge and powerful lightning bolt.
Silk Spinner - It shoots silk to trap enemies or create webs.
Mind Reader Conch - By holding it to your ear and aiming it, you can hear the thoughts of others.
Zing Zom-Bone - It has the power to render anyone into a zombie-like state.
Moonstone Locust - It can be used to unleash a swarm of stone locusts that will devour the Heylin Seed plant.
Shen-Ga-Roo - It turns into a kangaroo-type vehicle that takes its user wherever they wish to go.
Wushan Geyser - It erases your enemy’s memory, also good for quick escapes.
Ying Yo-Yo - It acts as a portal to the Yin Yang world, a parallel universe with laws of its own. Its powers are not fully understood.  
Eye of Dashi - The eye is able to shoot out a very powerful energy.
Lasso Boa-Boa - When activated, it transforms into a bone-crushing constrictor.

Hannibal Roy Bean:
Sapphire Dragon - The most dangerous Shen Gong Wu that is used as an absolute last resort. Covered by soot, its power is detained. But when there's no soot on it, a large sapphire dragon emerges, and turns everyone it can find into sapphire. The Dragon also makes them its servants.
Glove of Jisaku - Whoever holds it attracts other objects.
Ju-Ju-Flytrap - It releases insects to scare off attacking foes.
Shadow of Fear - It allows whoever holds it to enter another's dreams and bring to life their deepest and darkest fear.
Mosaic Scale - An unpredictable Shen Gong Wu that is used to create mischief. An evil earwig spirit called Sabeeny was trapped inside this Shen Gong Wu.
Yang Yo-Yo - When used together with the Ying Yo-Yo, it makes sure your good and evil side does not separate after visiting the Yin Yang world.
Moby Morpher - Whoever possesses the Shen Gong Wu can change his shape and size, even take on the appearance of his enemies; Anyone caught in it's activation light is also morphed

Jack & Tubbimari & Catnappe:
Jet Bootsu - Once worn, this Shen Gong Wu allows that person to defy gravity by walking on walls, ceilings, and even flying in the air.
Tangle Web Comb - Able to shoot out a web of hair that can trap an opponent, and can grip onto you with all its might; it also takes complete focus in order to tangle what you want to tangle.
Monkey Staff – Whoever possesses it will have the agility, balance, and even the appearance of a monkey.
Helmet of Jong - A helmet that gives you eyes in the back of your head to see everything around you.
Lotus Twister - It has the power to turn your limbs into stretchable rubber.
Wings of Tinabi - It lets the user fly like an eagle, leaving a rainbow vapor trail.
Crouching Cougar – An excellent ground vehicle for jungle travel with great power and handling.
Monsoon Sandals - Whoever possesses them will have legs that can stretch for miles.
Sphere of Yun - It creates an invisible, impenetrable prison around one's enemy. The Sphere of Yun is shown to have another ability. It not only traps its subject in a cage, but gives its possessor control of its possessees' possessions.
Fountain of Hui - When activated, it provides unlimited knowledge. But by itself, it can provide only random information.
Manchurian Musca - Whoever possesses it has the power to turn into a teeny, tiny fly. It comes with a craving for sugar.
Golden Finger - It allows whoever possesses it will be able to freeze their opponents momentarily.
Ruby of Ramses - Whoever possesses it has the power to move objects at will; It can also moves people at will.


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